Therapies that give you a break from everyday stresses to leave  yo​u feeling 

relaxed and refreshed​

From October 2020 find us at the 

Ellesmere Complementary Centre.

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COVID-19 proceedures

Although the COVID restrictions have been lifted in England now, we will be retaining certain procedures that we added to our already high standards of hygiene to keep you, and us, as safe as possible.  This means that you will be asked to wear a mask when entering the Ellesmere Complementary Centre and the room where the treatment will take place.  You can now remove your mask during the treatment, but some clients still prefer to keep theirs on.  You will be asked to sanitise your hands (touch free hand-sanitiser is provided) and to observe social distancing as far as possible.  Your therapist will be wearing a face mask throughout the session.  In between clients, any towels and couch roll will be changed for fresh towels and couch roll and the room ventilated.

When you book your first treatment, you will be sent a consultation sheet to complete online to minimise the contact time.  If you are not able to do that, we can have a phone consult and complete the sheet together.  You should not attend an appointment if you are feeling at all unwell, but should contact your therapist as soon as possible to cancel.  There will be no cancellation fee.

Please feel free to discuss any of these details with your therapist when you book your appointment.  We understand that there are some clients who will be exempt from wearing a face covering so we need to know if that is the case for you so that we can adapt our own  protection.