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From October 2020 find us at the 

Ellesmere Complementary Centre.

See below for details of our therapies and therapists - and other stuff!

COVID-19 proceedures

During the period that we are facing restrictions in the effort to slow the spread of the pandemic, we will be adding certain procedures to our already high standards of hygiene to keep you, and us, as safe as possible.  This means that you will be asked to wear a mask when entering the Ellesmere Complementary Centre and the room where the treatment will take place.  You will be asked to sanitise your hands (touch free hand-sanitiser is provided) and to observe social distancing as far as possible.  Your therapist will also be wearing a face mask.  In between clients, the room is cleaned, towels and couch roll changed for fresh towels and couch roll, 

and the room is ventilated for 30 minutes.

Reflexology. Reiki and hypnotherapy: You and the therapist will keep face masks on for the whole treatment.

Hopi Ear candles: Your therapist will wear a visor and Type 11 face mask which means that you do not have to wear a mask during this treatment.  This ensures that you are safe during the time that the candle is being used and that the face massage that forms part of the treatment can be completed.

Aromatherapy massage: During the time of the restrictions we are only offering back, neck and shoulder massage.  Once the consultation and risk assessment have been completed, the therapist will leave the room while you get yourself ready and onto the couch.  You can take off your mask at this point as you will be treated face down.  Your therapist will keep their face mask on throughout the treatment.  At the end of the treatment your therapist will leave the room again while you get yourself up and dressed and you will call her back in when you are ready and have put your face mask back on.

Please feel free to discuss any of these details with your therapist when you book your appointment.  We understand that there are some clients who will be exempt from wearing a face covering so we need to know if that is the case for you so that we can adapt our own  protection.