Therapies that give you a break from everyday stresses to leave  yo​u feeling 

relaxed and refreshed​

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Ellesmere Complementary Centre.

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Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy where the client is lead into a deeply relaxed state by the therapist. Once in that state, the sub-conscious mind can have previously agreed subtle suggestions made which allow you, the client, to assist in your own change for the good.

Hypnotherapy is useful to help with stopping smoking, weight loss, anxiety, nerves, stress, fears and phobias. In fact, if you genuinely want the change to happen, then hypnotherapy can help.

There is no fear of being made to do anything that you don't want to do as your own moral compass and beliefs prevent this from happening.  To explain a bit more, if you think of the human body as a computer which operates using a built-in system, the sub-conscious is the over-riding programme and what we perceive daily is like the windows controlling background programmes. Hypnotherapy adds a line of code to the built-in programme, but it needs the windows to idle which is why you need to be in an extremely relaxed state.

A treatment costs £45 and lasts around one hour

Discounts for a course of treatments

Stop Smoking £90 (2 hours)

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