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Clinic rules are adhered to when you book an appointment to keep you and your therapist as safe as possible. When you make your first enquiry, Rachel will let you know about the measures that are in place, and the consultation will be done over the phone or online, if possible, to minimise the contact time during treatment.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the same principles as Chinese acupuncture. Pressure-points in the foot or hand are massaged and the use of this knowledge can be traced back thousands of years in the Chinese culture, as well as the Ancient Egyptians, Hopi tribes of North America and 16th century European medical practitioners. Reflexology is based on the theory that every organ, area and system of the body is mirrored by a reflex point in the feet or hands. By massaging these points the reflexologist can observe and facilitate a clearing of any blockages in the corresponding areas of the body. The body's equilibrium is restored, and the body can begin to function properly. The treatment should leave you feeling relaxed and stress free.

What to expect from a Reflexology Treatment

Foot reflexology - Your first treatment will begin with a few minutes to complete a consultation sheet, then you will be invited to sit in a comfortable chair which is then reclined and pillows are put under your feet so that they are at a level for the therapist to work on. You only need to remove your footwear, including socks/tights. If you would like to have your feet washed before treatment, please mention this to the therapist when you arrive for the appointment.

What can Reflexology do for you?

Since reflexology treats the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease, most people benefit from treatment. Reflexology is suitable for:

Acute and chronic conditions

Stress related conditions

Sleep disorders

Children and adults

Sports injuries

Preventative therapy

Indeed reflexology can benefit almost everyone. An increasing number of people are using this safe, natural therapy as a way of relaxing, balancing and harmonising the body.

A treatment costs £30 and lasts around one hour

Discounts for a course of treatments (£150 for a course of 6 treatments, paid in advance)

Your therapist is Rachel